Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a little update

I thought I would just give everyone a little update on our family. CCD took his bar exam last week. He feels pretty good about it but mostly he is just glad to be done studying. He has to wait until November to find out if he passed. He is going to work for his dad and put out resumes between now and November then he will see what the next step will be.

I am just working forever working. It seems like that is all I do sometimes. I work at home and then go work at work. We are having some fun at Albertson's right now. It is Hawaiian days. We decorated the whole store and we get to dress in Hawaiian shirts. I am also getting ready to go to Utah for a vacation. I can't wait. We are driving our new van so that will be a fun thing. (I hope).

Car 1 is staying up to late and then when it is time to wake up for day care he is too tired. He is so funny. I put him in the car and drive him to day care he stays awake the whole time (it is a 25 mile drive). When we get to the school then he starts saying "Take me home I tie-red" "I go sleep cause I tie-red." It is so cute. I usually carry him in and he sometimes cries, but when we go to pick him up he cries and says he wants to stay forever.

Car 2 is now 9 months old. We took him to the doctor last Monday and he is now in the 25 % for his height and in the 10 % for his weight. He is 17 lb and 7 oz. The doctor is pleased at the rate he is growing even if it seems slow. The doctor also said his asthma is doing so much better is now only on one medicine a day. Car 2 is finally getting his 1st tooth.

All in all everything is going great. We are looking forward to our trip and hope we get to see everyone while we are there. See ya soon.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Corey's Bar Exam

Corey will be taking his bar exam on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this coming week. I am sure he is ready to have it behind him. He has been doing nothing but studying now for the past 8 weeks. From morning till night he is sitting at the dinning room table reading or listening to old bar lectures and taking notes. I am sure he will do fine, but if you wouldn't mind keeping him in your prayers these next couple of days I would really appreciate it. We will let you know how things went in November (he has to wait that long to see if he passed).

p.s. I still need to post pictures of my minivan.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A new car for us!

The vehicle kind of car just so you know. We bought a 2001 Honda Odyssey on Saturday. I have wanted a mini van for a little while now and we have been looking for the past two months or so. We finally found one that we liked that was in our price range. I will definitely post some pictures of it as soon as it stops raining long enough for me to take some.