Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Car 2's First Day of Daycare

Monday Car 2 started going to daycare with his big brother. I was sad to see him go. I know that it is for the best. He was staying home with his aunt but, sometime around Thanksgiving she just started coming up with reasons why she couldn't watch him. That left Corey to stay home and watch him because he works for his Dad and can stay home easier. With Corey not working as much we were bringing home less money which leads to bills not getting paid. The daycare doesn't take children until they are 18 months, what were we going to do? Well one day Corey's Dad came home and said that the daycare would take Car 2 in February. I was surprised because he is just 15 months. After questioning him we found out that he asked a special favor of the daycare owner (they are long time friends). So Car 2 started daycare on Monday a whole week early. He loves it. He didn't even cry when I dropped him off. It might be because he is with his big brother and has other kids to play with. No matter the reason I am glad he likes it.

This is a picture of the Car brothers playing in Car 2's crib the night before Car 2's first day. Car 1 loves to get in his brothers bed. Usually it is when the little Car is trying to sleep. They are very different. Car 1 stays up late and sleeps in. Car 2 goes to sleep early and wakes up early. Car 1 doesn't eat much and Car 2 clears his plate and what is left on his brothers plate. Car 1 loves baths and swimming. Car 2 seems to hate water.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So Sweet!

The other night while I was reading blogs and checking e-mail Car 2 was playing in our tv room. He was banging things together and making all sorts of noise. After a few minutes he got quiet, so I thought I should check on him. This is what I saw. The little Car 2 had found a big ghirardelli dark chocolate bar that I had hidden. He had opened it taken some bites and then he fell asleep. Corey ran and got the camera and we snapped a few pictures of our sweet boy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Helping out!

This weekend we had the opprotunity to help out Corey's sister. Three weeks after having a c-section she had her gallbladder removed. She had been feeling bad after the baby was born and we all thought that it was just taking awhile for her to recover. On Sunday she was feeling worse than she thought she should, so she got her husband to take her the hospital. Her mother was to watch the new baby until they returned. Well hours went by with no news (not unlike the er here). Finally after about 5 hours David (brother-in-law) called and said that Lindsey would have to get her gallbladder removed the next morning. They needed someone to watch the baby. I said I would do it. I like newborns. Well needless to say that on the second night at 3 in the morning I wasn't sure I still liked newborns. Lindsey is fine her surgery went well and she is now home. We had a good time taking care of the baby. Car 2 seemed to be a little jealouse. Car 1 would just look at Kealyn and say "she is bootiful, I love her." It was so cute.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Very Busy Year So Far!

We have had a very busy year so far. There has been work of course and all sorts of other things. A week ago I went to Vegas and met up with the girls. My Grandma A paid for us to fly to Vegas. There was Grandma A, Aunt Chris, Aunt Judy, Mom, Cousin Jordan, Sister Julie, and me. We had a good time. We met on Friday and stayed until Sunday. The Car brothers stayed home with Corey and had some fun of their own. At work I think that I finally have enough help (at least for this week). We are all starting to get better after being sick off and on. We have been spending tons of time with Corey's brother. The weather here has been great in the mid 60's we have loved it. I am going to try and post more often I just need to think of things to post.