Thursday, March 25, 2010


Carson is saying some super funny things lately. I wanted to post them so I wouldn't forget.

Carson just learned his whole name. He was going around telling everyone his "new" name. At church last week a few ladies were talking about Alice in Wonderland and I guess Carson got confused. He was going around telling everyone his name was Carson Alice. (His middle name is Allen just in case you didn't know.)

When Carson hurts someone's feelings instead of saying sorry he says, "it's ok, I like you hair cut." I'm not sure where this came from, but I think it is super cute.

He loves magic tricks right now. He always has us close our eyes so he can make things disappear and reappear.

If I ask him to go and get me something he always comes back with it hidden. He smiles really big and says, "Mommy I have a prize for you." Then he will give me the item. He is such a sweetheart sometimes.

Every coin he finds is his lucky penny!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Want To Do Today!

**** Just to update you I have finished all of the things on my list, except I didn't get the valentines in the mail. However, they are ready to be mailed. I am super happy with my results.****

I have had a long to do list for quite sometime now. Today is my day off and I am going to get some of the list checked off. I want to share the list so that I will be more likely to get it done.

1. laundry (impossible to finish, but I can dream right)

2. Go through the boys clothes and get out things that are too small

3. Get the items ready for the church yard sale

4. Plan a YW activity for tonight

5. Make the boys each a St. Patty's day shirt

6. Mail my sister and mom their valentine's day cards (really late, I know)

7. Return the dish that a friend let us barrow (it was full of enchiladas when we got it)

8. Clean the bathroom

Wish me luck! I will let you know how I did tomorrow.