Friday, December 11, 2009

Kids Say Some Funny Things!

I wanted to post some of the funny things my kids have said. I don't want to forget them and I think you guys will like them to.

Me: Carson lets go we are going to be late for school.
Carson: Mom school boring.
Me: What in the world? You are only 3 and at your school all you do is play how can that be boring?
Carson: School boring. I stay here and eat donuts and watch Nick Jr. Bye Now.
Notice what he is watching in the picture. His new thing is making funny faces.

We were driving in Dallas/Fort Worth near all of the tall buildings. Mind you there is only like 3 or 4 buildings over 2 stories in our town.
Me: Look at all the cities.
Carter: Where?
Me: Out the window.
Carson: Is that Tokyo???
How does my three year old know about Tokyo?

When we were leaving for school one day my sister-in-law was saying goodbye to her daughter. Carson love to be a part of everything.
Lindsey: Bye Bye Kaelyn.
Kaelyn: Bye
Carson: Hey stop that.
Lindsey: She is getting so big.
Carson: Oh look at her she is soooooo biiiiiig.
Me: (Laughter)
Carson: She is just sooooo sweet she melts my heart.
Really, where does he come up with this?

Carter loves to go to The Great "Foot" Lodge. I makes me laugh because he can say wolf but when he says the whole name it come out like that.