Monday, February 22, 2010


A few of my friends have been doing confession posts lately and so I thought I would join in.

*I hate calling people that I don't know. This includes doctor and dentist offices.

*I have been known to pay people to make calls for me.

*I wouldn't be married to my husband if Alice would not have asked for him the first 2 times I called him.

*I do, however, enjoy calling the help desk at work.

*I recently caused a "scene" about calling said help desk. I said I would never call again. The reason? I am feeling unappreciated.

*My cell phone hardly ever rings.

*The last text message I got was on the 17th.

*I try to call my mom at least once a week.

*It makes my day when my husband calls me at work, even if it is just to ask me to bring home something to eat.

Before I moved to Texas, Corey and I spent hours and hours on the phone. Now our phone conversations are super short and to the point.

*I love to talk on the phone while I am driving. It drives my husband nuts.

So there you have it now you know that I have phone issues. Think what you want, but it helps make me who I am.

image from google images.