Thursday, June 21, 2007

Car 1's Late Night Swim

Car 1 loves to swim. He insists that we go almost every night. On Monday night CCD's Dad got Car 1 this awesome bumper boat. It is motorized and everything. Car 1 made us put it together and blow it up the moment he saw it. As you can tell from the pictures the boat is not a small thing to blow up. By the time CCD and I were done it was dark. As you can also see from the pictures. Car 1 didn't care he had to take it for a spin. CCD and his brother we call Noodle stayed in the pool with Car 1 for another hour or so.

It only took a few minutes for him to figure out how to drive the boat. It also has a squirt gun feature that he figured out immediately. Having a pool is a ton of fun, especially when someone else has the job of cleaning it. Soon I hope to get some better pool shots.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Playing Hard and Sleeping Good!

Today the 2 Car kids have been playing hard and sleeping good. It is fun to see the boys playing together a little bit. CCD's dad got Car 1 a keyboard. He loves it. He pretends to play it and he sings in the attached microphone. I was shocked to see him sharing with his brother. After the Car 2's American Idol moment he had a great pillow fight with his dad and grandparents. I hope that will get him to bed at a descent time. My trick lately is taking him in the pool an hour or so before bed. He is so wild in the pool (I will have to get pictures) when he comes inside he falls right to sleep. Today however the weather did not cooperate. It rained so hard I had to pull over because I couldn't see anything. For the most part Car 2 is really easy to get to sleep. I usually just put him in his bed and that is it. Sometimes he gets tired before that, today he fell asleep while sitting up on the couch. I am glad to have my camera working for the moment. I put a little duct tape on it and it seems to work fine. I know you might be a redneck.... but I really don't care. Car 2 is sitting up sooo good now. He is having more fun playing with his toys now that he can sit up. Car 2 is trying really hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and just sits there. Then he gets on his belly and spins. I am sure it wont be long before he is movig on hisown. Car 1 is not going to be happy about it at all. Car 2 already is getting into his toys. All in all things here are going good. I am having a great time raising my 2 Car kids . I hope you enjoy these pictures of my boys as much as I enjoyed taking them. Car 1 has a very dirty shirt on in the keyboard picture. He is a huge ice cream fan and his flavor today was chocolate. He seemed to get more on his shirt than in his mouth but, oh well. You're only a child once right. I remebered a story about Car 1 and another of his favorite things. On Tuesday I was taking him to day care, he had not been in a little over a week so I thought I would sweeten the deal. I told him if he went that I would stop at the gas station and buy him some powederd donuts. Well he agreed on donuts right away. We drove the 22 miles to the gas station and we got his donuts, then we drove the 2 more miles to the day care. When we pulled up outside the day care Car 1 started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said the didn't want to go to school he just wanted donuts. He begged me to take him home. I being the "mean" mom that I am (and the fact that I was going to be late for work) made him go in. He cried some but he got playing with the other kids and forgot that he wanted his dad.

P.S. The Spurs won the Championship 4-0!!!!!!!!! Go Spurs Go!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kerrville Folk Festival

Yes it is that time of year again. For those of you who do not know what the Kerrville Folk Festival is you are either missing out or are one of the lucky ones. It all depends on how you look at things. I will give you a little background on this Festival. It all started back in 1972 a group of singers and songwriters got together for a camp out. It is the longest continuously running music festival of its kind in North America. For 18 straight days and nights each May and June, over 30,000 guests come from all over the world to experience the magic of what they simply call “Kerrville”. The Festival is known internationally as a Mecca for singer songwriters of varying musical style. It’s a place where those just developing their skills have the opportunity to play their music along- side master craftsmen. For the outsiders it seems like a bunch of aging (and young) hippies running around town for 3 weeks. I know it says it is only 18 days but by the times they get here to set up and then get cleaned up at the end it is 3 weeks. They all seem very nice they are just a little on the strange looking side. I work at Albertson's and they flock to our store (it is the closest grocery store to the ranch). We welcome all the extra business. At the store we try to look past the hairy armpits and the next to nothing clothes that some of them have. I remember the first year that I lived here during the Folk Fest I had to be reminded not to stare at the "white people dreads". Last year was the first year that I took a drive to the ranch. I was wondering what it was like up there, 18 days living in a tent, and it always rains during the Folk Fest. It was really quite different than anything I had ever seen. There were people of every walk of life. There were doctors, teachers, lawyers, and free spirits all camping and working together all because they each had a love for the same music. Working at Albertson's is how I know what they do back home. Like I said they are all very friendly and they like to tell us about themselves. Most of the hippies that I met are regulars. There is this guy Larry (I thought I had a picture but I guess not) that comes every year and he is in his 60's he has a long long beard and he wears a skirt. Yes that's right a skirt. He is a very nice man though. Well I guess this is the end of my Folk Fest blog I just wanted to tell you guys about it and I had to include the pictures so you would understand a little about what these people are like. And yes they are hippies they sit around and drink and smoke pot alot of the day.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Weather?

I just don't understand the weather sometimes. I don't know why I am surprised because the weather people don't seem to be able to understand it either. Here in Texas we have been having some very strange weather lately. It goes from hot and very humid one minute to dark and stormy the next and then just a few minutes the sun is out and its blazing hot. We have had tons of floods. It seems like about every two weeks or so we get a bad enough rain storm to flood the streets and close roads. There have even been several people killed. I am currently sitting at my computer listening to the rain getting worse and worse by the second. Earlier today my little family went to friends from works grandson's birthday party. We all sat outside had a BBQ. We were all so hot we could barely stand to eat. It was fun. Poor Car 1 thought that the presents were for him and he hit the birthday boy when he tried to take one of the presents.