Saturday, October 27, 2007


I changed the color of my blog background. I was getting tired of the dark dots so I went with the regular dots. It is always good to freshen things up a bit. I spent part of the day yesterday at doctors offices and I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the kids dressers. It needed to be done so bad. Now I can just reach in and grab something and I know it will fit. Before I would have to search and pull stuff out and then pull more stuff out all to get one outfit that acutally fit the Car brother in need of clothes. I was going to post pictures but seem to be having trouble.

The only picture I could get to post was this adorable picture of Car 2 trying to eat the plate at his birthday party. He enjoyed the cake so much he wanted to eat the plate as well.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Just one year ago this tiny bundle came to join our family. Now he is one and has caught up to other children his age.

Car 1 sure has changed and grown the past three years. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday Party Day!!

We had a full day today. On Thursday Car 2 turned one and on Sunday Car 1 turns 3. We started today with house cleaning and such. At lunch time we went to McDonald's Playland. We had lunch and the two Car brothers had a great time playing. After we finally got Car 1 off the playground we went to the grocery store and got all the items for a huge party. In the evening some family came over and we had a nice party. Lots of food and toys what more could anyone ask for. I was going to include some picture but the photo uploader is currently down so I will put them on as soon as the problem is fixed. By the way I got a new camera so I should be able to post more pictures.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yamato Drummers!

Today we went to see the Yamato Drummers. It was such an awesome show. They are a group from Japan and they are on a world tour. This show was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You can feel the music with your whole body. I am so glad we decided to fork out $50 each to go. Corey, Skyler, Jayce and I went. Usually the group does not play for "small" groups. However a group of people from Kerrville heard they were going to be playing in Houston and Dallas and between the two cities the group had a break. The Kerrville people paid the group a sum of money so they would come and play in the Calioux Theatre. The theater only seats about 300. If you ever hear that this group is coming to your area I would recommend that you go. It is well worth the price. Next I think we are going to see the Shaolin Warriors from China. The Kerrville arts foundation is having a global season with many groups from around the world.