Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures for My Sister

These are the best pictures I could find of the shirts I made the boys. I made them using my cricut and bleach. Super easy and super cute. I also made one for Madison. Also isn't my little man so handsome in his new glasses? I think so. He hates them :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Natural Bridges Cavern

Last Saturday I had the day off so Corey and I decided to take the boys to a cave. There are several caves in our area. We chose to take them to the Natural Bridges Cavern. It was soooooo cool. I have never been to a cave before. At first I was kind of nervous but after we got going on the tour I mellowed out. The boys loved it. They wanted to go again right after we finished. We will have to take them to some of the other caves around here.
This is a picture of an underground lake. It has been unusually dry recently so the lake has shrunk to more of a puddle.
I really like this picture Carter took of us, too bad my eyes are closed.This is Carter's favorite picture from the cave. It is a huge pile of bat poo!
Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day so I made the boys some shirts to wear. I decorated them with a bleach pen. I got the idea here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Time No Post

Time sure is flying by right now. We are so busy everyday that I can't believe it is already March. It seems like just yesterday was Christmas.

I love the picture with the boys, their cousins, and their GiGi. GiGi celebrated her 96th birthday in January so I made her a throw. Carter and Carson helped too.

My Mom has taught me almost all my sewing skills. She is always there to answer my questions and is really good at explaining thing over the phone.
You should move to Texas. Its warm here.

Carter is doing very well in Kindergarten this year. He is reading and loves to learn new things. He recently learned about college and went to school and told his teacher she needed to go to college so she could get herself a better job. Good thing she loves Carter and knew he only meant the best.

Carson is doing good at per-school/daycare. He is learning to write his name. We found out this week that he is going to be getting glasses. He is not happy about it but he will get use to them soon. I just hope he doesn't break them once a week. He is going to be so handsome in his glasses though. I will be posting pictures of them.

Corey and I are just busy working and trying to keep up with the boys. We are loving our new house still. I realized that I need to take more pictures of the boys and what they are doing. I have been slacking lately.